Project Startup & Speedup

Build sustainable projects.
Get to goal.

Projects succeed because their setup is first-rate. Yet many founder due to poor planning. Just how do we build strong, sustainable projects without the planning phase spinning off into infinity? And what if an ongoing project has hit an impasse? How do we get it back on track and successfully reach the goal?

For these challenges, CPC has two solutions at the ready: Project StartUp and Project SpeedUp.

Most companies are well-appointed when it comes to project management. Their methodology is proven and standardized and their employees well trained and experienced. Nonetheless, it's common knowledge that many projects collapse or substantially undershoot their goal. The end game is always the same: costs are considerably higher.

The reasons for poorly executed projects are multi-faceted:

Higher requirements of projects and project managers, complex conditions with tension between the production line and project or between different departments, unclear project assignments and goals, poor tie-in of stakeholders, stretched resources, constant project changes, murky operational resource planning, insufficient consideration of different cultural backgrounds and much more.

These factors typically drag out the planning process, thus increasing costs.

Project StartUp:
On the right track from the outset!

For a successful project, appropriate and effective planning is essential. That's where CPC comes in. Our "Project StartUp" solution incorporates all the elements of a professional project startup - substance, structure and process.

It's about building the right framework for the project from the very beginning so it wraps up successfully within the scope, time and budget.

The first challenge is precisely formulating the project proposal and defining the appropriate course. Among other things, this involves asking the following questions and creating a cohesive, interconnected whole:

  • Exactly what needs to be done and what objectives and issues does the project involve?
  • What are the acceptance criteria?
  • What are the deliverables and how can they be depicted on the timeline?
  • Who are the project stakeholders, what are their expectations/requirements and how should project communication be set up?
  • How expensive is the project in terms of time, cost, and resources?
  • What course of action does the project require to meet its objectives within the prescribed time and budget?
  • How are the various responsibilities distributed?

In addition to these formal questions, there are issues that impact both management and other stakeholders to consider.

The project management team must ensure that sponsors and the steering board support the goals and content of the project and share the same expectations. Transparency from the very start is one of the most important predictors of success.

Project opportunities and risks need to be identified and assessed. Project owners need to understand and bear in mind the fears, expectations and motives of the various stakeholders, and on that basis carve out the best pathway to success.

All the areas of the company impacted by the project must be identified.

Differences of opinion can be resolved only if representatives from all the involved areas are properly consulted early on in the project. Consensus on the expected project means fewer downstream changes and prevents exploding costs. Furthermore, the employees come to completely identify with the project.

The result of Project StartUp is formal project approval and a targeted project plan. Our customers bypass typical pitfalls because Project StartUp addresses every formal and personnel aspect of the project.

This is even more critical since the negative impact of any hidden flaws in the project start and planning will balloon exponentially. The later they surface in planning the scope, costs, time and resources, the more difficult they are to correct.

Investing in Project StartUp pays off at many levels. The more complex the project, the more true this rings.

Project SpeedUp:
Get unstuck!

Project design is not always picture perfect, however. Perhaps its complexity was underestimated, and thus the deadline was pushed out even further. This is exactly where Project SpeedUp from CPC comes in.

Our solution concept focuses on projects in progress that are lagging behind their targets or may have derailed completely. Such projects risk not meeting the original mission. CPC assumes the "driver" role in these situations and gets the project back on track quickly and reliably.

Project SpeedUp begins with a comprehensive review of the project. CPC analyzes its structure and status. We then pinpoint where it went awry. There may be multiple causes: poor planning, new or modified requirements, lack of transparency, bad project and supplier control, undervalued risks, poor tie-in of affected departments and stakeholders, key individuals dropping out, and unrealistic expectations of the project's outcome.

CPC uses the Project Review to uncover the cause of problems standing in the way of success.

Then we specify the necessary countermeasures and coordinate them with the project owners to finally effect the turnaround.

Corrective action may include: . Making the project content more precise . Creating greater transparency . Optimizing collaborative processes . Optimizing project planning and management Normally a task force is responsible for implementing Project SpeedUp. The task force includes members of the project team and CPC consultants, whose work is limited to a specific time frame, i.e. until the project is up and running smoothly again. Project SpeedUp is a reasonable alternative to stopping the project and gets "off track" projects back "on track".

A clearly structured approach.
The route to success.

Having an experienced project manager is not enough to keep complex projects in line and to ensure success.

Other key elements include:

  1. A clearly structured approach.
  2. A "no-holds-barred" approach to identified problems.
  3. A specific set of tools to control the project.
  4. Adequate staffing of all key project positions.

CPC stands for target-oriented project planning and takes all these criteria into account. With Project StartUp and its companion solution Project SpeedUp, we guarantee consistent project success.

In over 700 customer projects:

We offer what other consultants do not: a holistic approach.

  • Projects: We are experts in project management methodology. Most of our consultants are certified in the established project management methods.
  • People: Additionally, we approach our customer's employees with empathy and offer a wealth of solutions for inclusion of and collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Processes: We combine our technical and process management know-how with our unconditional commitment to shepherd every project to its successful conclusion.

In both Project StartUp and Project SpeedUp, CPC typically takes on the role of "sparring partner" for project management and jumps into operations with a definitive hands-on mentality. If needed, we can assume responsibility for parts of or the entire project.

Both solutions have already proved their value in over 700 customer projects of various kinds. We will gladly supply references on request.


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„When complex projects stall, the cost to the company is staggering.“ 

Torsten Peis, Partner at CPC