New Team Members at CPC's International Account

Beijing, 05 July 2016 – "Hello from our Chinese office! Can't help sharing with you my first impressions on-site. On Monday, I started my work at CPC international account in Beijing. After a long flight on the weekend, I was finally there, in the country of rapid growth and unlimited possibilities."

"Already at the airport I stated that my Chinese vocabulary consisting of only one word Nihao (Hello) is not sufficient even to order a taxi. Fortunately, I was picked up by my colleague at the airport (that's the real teaming) and brought to my apartment. The next day, on Monday (that was a very warm and smoggy Monday with over 30 degrees) I took a taxi (which is pretty cheap here) and headed to our office. The traffic is heavy here even in the early hours, so one can immediately feel the dynamic and the rythm of this city! Our office is located in a business centre next to the main offices of other large international companies. I am very excited to be here and looking forward to discover this country and its people for me!"

Evgeniya, we were very happy to receive your news and wish you and all other new team members a successful start at our Chinese Office!