Twenty x forty-two: CPC is 20 and having fun

What began in 1993 as a small consulting firm of three, called Connex Personnel Consulting, is now a mid-sized firm with approx. 100 permanent consultants: CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG – Germany’s preeminent change management consultancy.

We have remained true to our mission all these years: To effect real and lasting change for our customers in partnership with their employees on site. That requires a healthy dose of social skills (on both sides, naturally) and works only if the consultant truly enjoys working closely with others. Internal personnel development has therefore always been our top priority, along with customer projects. Our excellent ranking in workplace competitions, such as Great Place to Work®, is certainly no accident.

Each new customer brings CPC a new set of issues. Our portfolio expands with new services and our customer base continues to grow, as does the entire company at a healthy 15% to 20% per year. This has allowed our internal structures to grow and adapt accordingly. Cumbersome overhead structures definitely do not fit CPC. Our consultants are truly invested in and passionate about their work and welcome the challenge each customer brings.

Torsten Peis, a founding partner of the company: "From the very start, our focus has been on implementation. New areas of interest and methodologies developed gradually in response to our customers' needs and our collaboration with them. It was simply an evolutionary process. We took on our customers' challenges and developed the best solution." At the beginning, CPC concentrated heavily on specific individual areas, such as re-engineering and process optimization in production and administration. Today's portfolio grew out of the interplay of the different consulting approaches and methods. Three key areas of focus crystallized over the years: People, Projects, Processes. From these three pillars originated a unique and exceedingly practical approach.

Change projects directed by CPC have always proven stable and successful in the long term, even in retrospect. "Thanks to our approach, we have been able to position ourselves as change management experts in recent years", explains Sebastian Keim, Senior Manager and marketing expert at CPC. "The kind of experts who really implement the concepts, not merely chaperone them. We approach every project as a change project. We include the employees who are critical to the success of the implementation early on, in the development stage." This not only allows CPC to identify and actualize improvement potential at the outset, but to uncover any resistance and address it cooperatively.

So now, after two decades of successful development, what's next for the company? "We want to continue offering our customers first-class solutions", says Michael Kempf, former intern and now partner at CPC. "Whether it's in Germany or abroad, most recently in China and Abu Dhabi, is secondary to me, to be honest. The main thing is that we can deliver tangible added value through our consulting services. And let's not forget about that 42." At CPC, 42 is a special number: In ranking their own values, employees put "Fun at work" at 42.