Twelve CPCers at Qinghai Lake (China)

Beijing, 16th October 2017 – This year our annual CPC China team event took place at Qinghai Lake, an idyllic area located about 100 kilometers west of the provincial capital of Xining Province at 3,205 m above sea level in the Tibetan Plateau. ...

Work Hard! On the first day, we used creative methods to shape the vision of our company in China. Although the high altitude was a tough one for some of us, the beautiful scenery inspired us to design ideas how the future of CPC China should look like. The afternoon session was filled with intensive discussions about how we can set new standards in the way we work together as a team.


Play Hard! – On the second day, the team explored Qinghai Lake and the area around: We enjoyed a cruise trip on Qinghai Lake on a rainy morning. Thus, we had to defy the rain and freezing wind, but were rewarded with coincidentally seeing monks praying to the Dragon King. In the afternoon, we finally saw the sun come out, while we were on the way to the stunning and legendary ‘Mirror of the Sky’ on the Chaka Salt Lake (salt mine area in Qinghai). Standing on the ‘mirror’ our team spent a lot of time taking pictures and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.



Our conclusion – Amazing trip and awesome team with great team spirit! We are looking forward to shaping the future of CPC China.