Introduction Week Q2/2017 @CPC

Frankfurt, 27. July 2017 – The second Introduction Week in 2017 brought together two cultures within CPC. For the first time in CPC history, our Chinese colleagues flew over to Germany and took part in the corporate welcoming of new colleagues in Frankfurt.

Want to know the story behind "coco"? Well, every Introduction Week has it's jokes ...

The new group of employees was very diverse, which made the get-together really exciting and fascinating. First, there were the two cultural groups from Germany and China. Secondly, the group consisted of employees from different experience levels – Consultant, Senior Consultant and Manager. Thirdly, our educational background showed a great variety from majors in Asia sciences, German studies, business administration and mechanical engineering and minors in law and psychology.

After receiving a warm welcome from our amazing Frontdesk people on Monday, we started enthusiastically into our week. A first round of introduction broke the ice and people were getting to know each other. During the week, we looked at what the occupation of a consultant includes and learned everything we need to know about how Consulting at CPC works. The corporate values of CPC are the starting point for every employee. We always do emphasize the importance of the 12 values and how they can be applied in our daily work. Furthermore, we were introduced to the CPC consultancy approach. Our „master instructor“ Clemens Heisinger mainly focused on the areas People, Projects and Organizations. Within those areas, we looked at the basic tools in project management, process modelling and change management. The theoretical background was garnished with practical cases where we could learn how to apply the important tools. Noema Ganzlin helped us on our journey into the CPC way of doing things.

Finally, we, the Chinese and German colleagues, took the chance to dive into the unique Hesse culture. Together we did some sightseeing in Frankfurt and savored the taste of the famous Applelwoi Bembel and the Green Sauce. After an intense week, we would like to thank all CPCer who made the week special. We are all very excited and are looking forward to our exploration of Change and Project Management.