Conference Room Simulation in Logistics

Frankfurt, 13. September 2016 – Our creative and innovative formats are very popular with our clients. We often utilize them in our change projects, as they provide many opportunities for participation and ensure the exchange of information between important organizational areas in a very simple and interactive way.

Recently we have completed a “Conference Room Simulation” in a project with a client in the logistics industry. The scope of the project is to integrate several IT systems on an international level, as our client is building up a virtual platform to match shippers with carriers. The aim is to optimize freight distribution and capacity as well as to make internal planning processes more efficient. For this, different systems have to interact in order to provide the correct data. Being an expert for change management, CPC took on the role of the IT project lead with the focus of system integration.

A Conference Room Simulation is a powerful tool to analyze and verify processes, systems, roles and interfaces. It allows to easily identify weaknesses, risks or outstanding decisions and creates a common understanding of process workflows. The strength of the simulation is that it brings together experts and process owners across all disciplines at an early stage. As a result, the project can reach a high level of acceptance of the upcoming change.

The goal of this particular Conference Room Simulation was to ensure that the participants reached a better understanding how the systems involved in the integration will interact with each other. Already during the simulation participants noticed how different their perspectives and judgement were. With the help of the moderator, they accomplished to comprehend demands of other departments more easily and to respond to them according to their role. Participants simulated several use cases and identified work packages to be carried out after the simulation. Based on these results, next steps for the project were defined. The next Conference Room Simulation will take place with 20 country representatives so they can learn about the effects the system integration will have on their local organizations.

What fascinates our client about the Conference Room Simulation is both the density and variety of information which can be processed. The format is versatile and is always customized to clients’ necessities. During the simulation, the CPC moderator makes critical enquiries, taking different perspectives. This leads to new insights and contributes to a common understanding – the key benefit for our client.

In this project the special asset of CPC consultants surfaces: The combination of profound expert knowledge and long-time experience with different IT projects in various industries, never leaving out of sight the key resource: the employee.

Author: Kai Gausmann, Consultant at CPC