Playing for success – Bringing new organizations to life

Frankfurt, 06. December 2017 – For the fifth time in succession, CPC was a co-operator at the congress for cooperation and management (Gesellschaft für Organisation und Management). The congress took place in Düsseldorf on October 25 and 26 under the title “Organization and Management – in between tradition and innovation: reinventing organizations.” The two days were filled with topics concerning agility, digitization and learning organizations. Participants were able to take part in talks, learning workshops and expert forums and could visit the exhibition during breaks.

Sebastian Heymann, Laura Meßner and Susan Stephan

CPC was represented twice at the congress: on the one hand, the participants were invited to an exciting workshop with the title “Playing for success – bringing new organizations to life”. On the other hand, CPC organized a booth at the exhibition, where participants were able to inform themselves about CPC and could get inspired through new impulses and topics concerning organizational development and change management.

On the first day, most visitors were concerned with the topics “current trends” and “agility”. Our pocket guide, where SCRUM as an agile method was presented and which was made available at the booth, was very sought after.

In case of interest, send an E-mail to and the digital version of the pocket guide will be sent to you.

The learning workshop organized by Susan Stephan and Sebastian Heymann took place on day two. This workshop was meant to familiarize the participants with the topic gamification and give them an impulse. Organizations use Gamification to integrate affected employees during a change happening at the firm. Two teams (HR and sales) were supposed to find a new employee with the help of a catapult and table tennis balls. The employee was found as soon as the catapult (standing representatively for qualifications and skills of the employee) was adjusted correctly and the ball hit the basket. The requirements changed in round two and the teams were now supposed to throw a squash ball. HR and Sales were also explicitly asked to communicate to share the learning and to break the silos in communication. The learning company was supposed to demonstrate to the participants that is important to integrate affected people actively and from the start in the change. Organizations should also have the courage to try out new methods and implement gamification elements to reach the desired effect. Furthermore, communication is the only medium that an organization has, to make change more tangible to people. This was also made clear during the learning workshop. The ball hit the basket much faster, as soon as HR and sales communicated and worked as a team to find the right employee with the matching requirements.

The two days were full of great impulses, good talks, many business cards, and missing table tennis balls.