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Let us talk strategy! - “Thinking global, acting local”

Frankfurt, 24. April 2018 – From 7- 10 April 2018, top representatives of Austrian politics and industry discussed with China’s leaders the roadmap to strengthen cooperation in the future. The conference ‘Austria Connect’ organized by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA BEIJING brought more than 250 business people and politicians to the capital city of China. It gave very valuable insights into ongoing and...

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Technology Innovation Days 2018

Frankfurt, 16. March 2018 – The broadcast industry is racing to a turning point and already passed the point of no return. Broadcasting as we know with its silos television and radio is being hit by reality from outside their comfort zone. Wide Area Networks can now carry data transmission speed so fast, that it makes industry proprietary systems obsolete in many use cases.

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Your simulation, my reality - A day in the life of a Senior Consultant

Frankfurt, 01. February 2018 – Considering myself to be quite adaptable and quick witted, I chose to make my living as a business consultant. I anticipated constant change of working environments and requirements. However, what I didn´t foresee was the abruptness with which I would be confronted with drastically different situations. A case in point was my recent trip to the land of cheese and bad...

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Playing for success – Bringing new organizations to life

Frankfurt, 06. December 2017 – For the fifth time in succession, CPC was a co-operator at the congress for cooperation and management (Gesellschaft für Organisation und Management). The congress took place in Düsseldorf on October 25 and 26 under the title “Organization and Management – in between tradition and innovation: reinventing organizations.” The two days were filled with topics concerning...

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Strategic Capabilities as Core Asset – taking people in focus

Frankfurt, 23. November 2017 – “What is your company’s strategy?” A very simple question, right? Surprisingly still a question, which frequently leads to puzzled looks, frantic research and sometimes also to the blunt admittance, “I do not know.” or “We do not have one.” So what has gone wrong? ...

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Covering the buzzwords - Agile Leadership, Squads and Daily-Sprints

Frankfurt, 1. November 2017 – Ever since there is #facebook, #google and #spotify, DAX companies are afraid of the #disruption that comes with #digitalization. This is why executives visit #siliconvalley, to get a first-hand impression of its #spirit and #failureculture. Back to Germany, they throw away their ties, wear sneakers and use a more informal language when communicating with their...

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Change Initiation: Why the right set-up matters for your change project’s success (even if you think you have already figured everything out)

Frankfurt, 18. August 2017 – Got a really good idea that will change your company or department for the better? Do you have a clear picture about how to implement the changes? Do you already know how everything will play out during the transformation process? Well, the good news is: you seem to have a vision and are not afraid to face changes. The bad news is: your change project still can fail....

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First training session on the ACMP Change Management Standard Methodology

Frankfurt, 17. March 2017 – Friday 8:30 am The Squaire 11, Frankfurt Airport. The participants for the first training session on the Association of Change Management (ACMP) Change Management Standard Methodology arrived and made themselves comfortable in the conference room. The eight participants, a mixture of CPC senior consultants, consultants and interns, shared their experience in change...

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Understanding Agile - What it Means and How to Get There

Frankfurt, 13. February 2017 – In September 2016 Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche in an interview with German newspaper FAZ publicly announced wide-reaching changes in the organizational setup and decision-making process of his company. Some news agencies reported that Daimler wanted to operate like a startup. Indeed the ideas put forward in the program “Leadership 2020” sound typical of small...

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