Values and Philosophy

CPC sees itself as a problem-solver. We deal with the same issues as our clients - from organizational and operational challenges to the strategic big picture. Our values are our guide, anchor, and compass in all we do each and every day, both in working with our clients and with one another.


We are entrepreneurs and expect the same of our employees. Unlike most partner-led consulting firms, our manager-level associates can acquire a substantial financial share in CPC. They actively shape our company and are involved in all important decisions. Our clients see this, too, in the extraordinary amount of responsibility our consultants assume in their projects.

Personal Development

Consulting is based on experience and knowledge. Therefore, employee development is an important benchmark for the value of our company. We want our employees to progress far more quickly than they would elsewhere. Fast-paced progress, however, is hardly limited to technical knowledge and professional performance. Our employees' personal development is just as important. Giving them room to let their talents unfold delivers maximum value to our customers as well.

Inclusive Teaming

We have no room for lone warriors. We aim for top performance in a team environment. For us, teamwork is not just working together to get a job done. It also means building each other up, challenging one another, and once in a while even stretching boundaries. Our concept of teaming encompasses not only our consultants but our clients as well. Because we spend so much time together, it's important that the chemistry is right. We are not just consultants and colleagues, but human beings. For us, teaming is to go above and beyond the usual workday routine to provide mutual support in problem situations.


Flexibility describes not only our willingness to go further than others for longer, but also to align our lives with the demands that come with being a consultant. Flexibility also describes our inner attitude and the way we deal with challenges when working with our clients. This also means adjusting priorities to changing circumstances, allowing for different points of view, and accepting new perspectives. Flexibility also has its limits, however, especially in the balance between work and private life.

One Level More

"One Level More" is our quality concept. We are not satisfied until our clients are completely happy and we have delivered real added value. This applies not only to our work for our clients, but in-house as well.


It has always been especially important to us to treat one another and our clients as we ourselves would like to be treated: as true partners, without the slightest arrogance or pretentiousness. Appreciation also means understanding problems and challenges and acknowledging accomplishments. We view ourselves as a fair company, which simply means treating our employees, our customers and our partners with absolute fairness.

Client Benefit

Our work focuses on client benefit and satisfaction. Our involvement must reap measurable rewards for our client. If we believe it will help our client move forward, we will disagree with them - even if it means forgoing the occasional project. In contrast to other companies, our consultants are fully invested in the success of our clients and hence their satisfaction.


Our company is a community of mutual trust. We trust our employees and allow them to take complete ownership for tackling complex tasks. At the same time, we do assess the risks involved and do not take on anything that would jeopardize our client's success. Distrust and micromanagement are antithetical to our lean organization. Our ability to create lasting value is possible only through trust.

Autonomy with Room to Grow

Our employees have a great deal of personal responsibility, meaning the opportunity and the duty to take ownership of their work. CPC both facilitates and expects responsible autonomy. As each employee gains experience and maturity, their sphere of influence grows larger. In that sense, responsible autonomy is part of the learning process. But this does not exclude seeking advice from others. We open every door toward employee self-actualization as long as it serves the values of the company. Room to grow also means that every employee is encouraged to openly address mistakes, shortcomings, and weaknesses, point out opportunities for improvement, and implement those improvements responsibly.

Quality Time

Without question, consultants are exposed to special stressors. The health of our employees is therefore an important asset. We keep tabs on ourselves and each other to ensure an appropriate balance between our professional and personal lives. Health and work-life balance are essential to a team's ability to consistently perform well.


Openness is based on mutual trust and reflects our interest in one another. That is why questions are allowed, desired, and required. No topic is off limits. Openness also facilitates examining our values and therefore the continuous improvement of our company. Without a healthy level of transparency, we are in no position to competently manage and advance our company.

Long-term Success

All CPC shareholders are active employees. Economic success is important to us. But we are not aiming for short-term profit, but lasting business development. We are committed to creating a healthy blend of economic success, growth and security. Longevity is reflected in many dimensions of CPC. We want our company to last; we want long-term partnerships with our clients; and we want our employees to stick with us for a long time. Everything we do, for our clients and for ourselves, is designed to create lasting benefits - financial, personal, and in terms of competitive edge.

Our Values