We are excited to announce our 2017 Strategic Partnership between CPC & 120VC: Connecting delivery with adoption.

This Alliance will join two measurable, proven practices that are commonly overlooked in implementing transformational initiatives; successful delivery & full adoption. Since 2000, 120VC has been delivering project/portfolio management practice to the Fortune 100. Likewise, CPC has a proven project and change management practice has been fostering lasting, positive change in many of Europe's & Asia's largest companies since 1993. Together we will further advance the combination of project management with change management for highly effective results.

This combination insures global businesses quality assured project/portfolio and change management delivery with initiative adoption from day 1.

"It’s never just business, it’s always about people."

Jason Scott, Founder 120VC



"When it's about change, it's people that matter. Same is true for strategic partners."

Torsten Peis, Partner at CPC


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