Our Consultant Approach

Our approach: We help people and companies master their jobs better.

25 years of consulting - over 1500 projects. What skills does a consulting firm need to foster successful change in a company? We found the answer in the three pillars of solid project management, state-of-the-art process design and the essential ability to unite people for a common cause - in short: the triad of People, Projects and Organizations.

People make the difference.

In order to achieve excellence, to impress customers, and to take pride in their own work, employees need to be motivated and convinced. This is where we leave the beaten path with our extraordinary experiential formats. If you want change, you must do things differently. Examples of our proven methods:

  • With our management development programs, we raise awareness for the need for change and ensure that the planned changes can be put into practice.
  • In the past twelve years, over 7,000 managers have participated in our reality trainings. The format provides an innovative, true-to-life learning environment which reflects the main challenges companies face today in a very realistic setting. By tackling a series of complex tasks, managers and experts achieve personal growth in competence and gain experience in a very intense and sustainable way that traditional training formats cannot offer.

Change projects need hands-on project management.

More and more professionals are handling increasingly complex challenges in their daily work. This raises the question: When can project management really be successful? Our experience proves that companies need to consider three essential factors:

  • The method of project management lays the foundation for success. It is a prerequisite to effectively manage projects with a company-wide approach.
  • In project management training, participants internalize their roles and learn what they can and must keep in line during projects.
  • Project services ensure that the method takes firm hold in practice. At the same time they create added operational value - from project planning to rollout. They simply are key to successful projects.

Processes alone can’t do it, but doing without them doesn’t work either.

Transforming markets, innovative business models, mergers and takeovers demand that companies continuously adapt and improve their processes. The main challenge in the design of organizations is to not only focus on producing a slim process design which meets the requirements of the organization; one also has to keep in mind the impact of those processes on employee motivation.

  • Conference room simulations audit the quality of new business models early on. We bring together the key players from all involved departments and familiarize them with the new processes at the needed level of detail.
  • Our business case simulations provide a toolset to make the outcome of planned process changes more predictable.
  • Our competence in process harmonization and optimization helps companies to sustainably boost their performance.