Update from China

Beijing, 23 July 2016 – „Two weeks of my stay in China passed quickly and I can say for sure, these weeks were full of discoveries and new experiences for me, both in terms of everyday life and business challenges. However, the most significant highlight of this time was our Company Meeting in China, in which I could participate and get to know my CPC colleagues and our local business closer."

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New Team Members at CPC's International Account

Beijing, 05 July 2016 – "Hello from our Chinese office! Can't help sharing with you my first impressions on-site. On Monday, I started my work at CPC international account in Beijing. After a long flight on the weekend, I was finally there, in the country of rapid growth and unlimited possibilities."

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As part of the award-winning restructuring of the Unify HR department and introduction of a new role model, CPC forged their change management approach and supported its employees and managers during the implementation.

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JP Morgan Chase 2016

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